The Lumberbots are a series of animatronic beavers who help run the company by chopping down trees, collecting wood, and making lumber.


There are only 5 types of Lumberbots, being:

  • Lumberbot 1.0
  • Lumberbot 2.0
  • Lumberbot 3.0
  • Lumberbot 4.0
  • Lumberbot 5.0

They appear to be similar to Mr. Chipper, but the first four lumberbots have a woody texture, while the fifth has a dark silver look. Their arms are also multi-jointed. Their overalls, eyes, and axes appear to be in different colors in each version. The first has blue, the second has green, the third has red, the fourth has purple, and the fifth only has glowing eyes and a sliver axe. They also have a faster animation in each version, to represent how fast they can get wood. All five have an axe, but only the fifth has two axes. They also have a clockwork key on their backs, though it's never seen used.


Coming soon.


The amount a Lumberbot gives depends on time, like all the other objects who give out items.

Lumberbot 1.0 - A common and rich wood. Small chance of red and moss.

Lumberbot 2.0 - A red wood, moss wood, or anything lower.

Lumberbot 3.0 - More chance of red and moss wood.

Lumberbot 4.0 - Chance of getting lumber and sturdy lumber. Can still get wood.

Lumberbot 5.0 - Chance of getting red and moss lumber. Doesn't give out any wood.


Name Requirements
Lumberbot 1.0 5 Lumber
Lumberbot 2.0 10 Lumber

5 Sturdy Lumber

Lumberbot 3.0 25 Lumber

10 Sturdy Lumber

5 Moss Lumber

5 Red Lumber

Lumberbot 4.0 50 Sturdy Lumber

25 Moss Lumber

25 Red Lumber

1 Ruby Prism

Lumberbot 5.0 10 Chrome Tubes

99 Moss Lumber

99 Red Lumber

3 Diamond saps


  • The Lumberbot 5.0 was reused for one of Scott Cawthon's newer games, called FNaF World, but appears in a lighter color and the lack of a clockwork key.